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This is a dedicated non-profit space hosted by SEAK Foundation Inc. All proceeds of your rental go toward achieving our mission.

Investing in our community is as easy as investing in yourself.

All donations including payment to use the space are tax deductible. 

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28,964 sq feet of commercial real estate in the Heart of Downtown Omaha’s Arts District in a Historic Building with a tradition of housing The Omaha Symphony Offices. Patrons find it charming and easy to use a springboard for a variety of symbiotic and synergistic community outreach pairings. This Space boasts Parking, Interstate Access, Conditioned, Fully Insured and Furnished Office and Storage space.

Piano included in rental.

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Community partners who are contracted to use the space annually receive additional benefits under SEAK Foundation Inc.  Providing legal responsibility, security system, and first dibs on calendar.

Co-op Team

Thomas Kluge

Artistic Director and VP

Thomas Kluge is pictured here with acclaimed pianist, Christi Zuniga.

Thomas Kluge, Artistic Director and VP together with acclaimed pianist, Christi Zuniga
Alex Schmer: space manager and events facilitation and bassist

Alex Schmer

Space Manager and Events Facilitation and Bassist

Alex Schmer

Space Manager and Events Facilitation and Bassist

Alex Schmer: space manager and events facilitation and bassist


The Flatiron is centrally located in the Arts District of Downtown Omaha. Location: It is close to 1-80 interstate onramp, bus stops, access to parking lot and street parking.  All-access points are on one level, completely accessible for those with special needs. The location is close to larger venues already in use by targeted member groups and is recognizable. It can enhance and augment COOP Member goals by: Enable Symbiosis and Synergy among a Carefully Curated COOP Member Group, Community Enrichment, Elite and Intimate Fundraising Event Space, Small group Rehearsal and Performance, Fully Insured, Fully Furnished, Conditioned Space for Offices, Storage and Ensembles. Legal, Ethical, and Affordable way to share Space with Transparency and VALUE that Contributes to Financial Goals.